gubitz headshot

Hi there! I am a Political Science PhD Candidate at Northwestern University. My fields of study are American politics and research methods. I primarily research media effects, political incivility, and political communication. More generally, my research focuses on the ways in which ordinary Americans are affected by the media they consume, and how social norms within different groups interact with political outcomes. In one project, I study how exposure to political incivility on partisan news outlets affects like-minded audience members (e.g., a conservative watching Fox News). Interestingly, my coauthors and I find that like-minded audience members are turned off by such incivility to such a degree that they both feel less warmly to their own party and more warmly to the other party; put simply, they de-polarize and become less extreme. In some ongoing work on political incivility, the topic of my dissertation, I explore how perceptions of incivility can be manipulated by political elites using a conjoint experiment. And in an unrelated published article, my coauthor and I explore how highly prevalent diversity initiatives in the entertainment industry affect White Americans’ attitudes toward such initiatives and affirmative action policies.

You can see more details about my research on the research page of this website. My CV can also be accessed on this website; I regularly update this document to reflect my most recent work.